The Minor

99% online, individual approach

The minor Creative Programming for Non-IT Students is one of the most popular minors in NL. The minor starts at zero. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

This minor consists of English online video lessons, provided by Harvard University, and all kinds of small exercises and assignments. Those assignments are programming puzzles in the programming context of C, Python, SQL, data, web and AI. Obviously guided by our own teachers.

In addition, individual and group exercises are performed that are aimed at strategically solving problems. The online studio forms an active community in which students, together with teachers, look for the best way to solve the assignments.

These online meetings take place on Tuesday to Friday between 08:30 and 17:00, in principle according to a fixed schedule, but this can be deviated from. This is not a correspondence course that you can do on your own time or at your own pace.

Because this is a full-time minor, you are available for education during these four days. This is not a minor that you can do alongside other (study) activities. The study load is really 40 hours per week. What's not online? Starting in schoolyear 2024-2025, testing can take place at a central location in the Netherlands. Agenda: In the first intermediate week after each period.

Many flavours...

Fulltime (not parttime), 15 ECS, 30 ECS, NL, EN

Minor EC   Language
Schoolyear 2023-2024 – fulltime only
CPNITS-P 15 Focus on direct applicable skills in Python NL & EN
CPNITS 30 Focus on computational thinking and web (C, Python) NL & EN
CPNITS-AI 30 Artificial Intelligence with Python (for the beta brain)
CPNITS-DATA 30 Online Data for Business with Python (for the alfa/gamma brain)
Schoolyear 2024-2025 – fulltime only
CPNITS-15 15 Focus on computantional thinking NL & EN
CPNITS 30 30 Focus on computantional thinking
with direct applicable skills in Python with four specialization routes:
WEB, Data, AI
Harvard Certificates

CPNITS is based on a Harvard program, leading up to one or more Harvard Certificates. Focus is on understanding and experiencing programming and how the computer handles code. Everything you do is directly related to the many apps you use every day, offline and online. You build an intelligent opponent for Tic Tac Toe, you delve into data and sorting algorithms, you build your own photo filters and you learn to work with web applications. You don't learn a trick that allows you to suddenly build your own app.
This program is suitable for every HBO student, even without any prior knowledge or experience.


Enroll before...

Program EC Start Enroll before Progress Kies op Maat
Schoolyear 2023-2024 – fulltime only
CPNITS-P 15 P2 Friday, november 3, 2023 cpnits 15 → cpnits 15 →
CPNITS 30 S2 Friday, january 19, 2024 CPNITS → CPNITS →
CPNITS-AI 30 S2 Friday, january 19, 2024 CPNITS AI → CPNITS AI →
CPNITS-DATA 30 S2 Friday, january 19, 2024 CPNITS DATA → CPNITS DATA →
CPNITS-P 15 P3 Friday, january 19, 2024 cpnits 15 → cpnits 15 →
CPNITS-P 15 P4 Friday, april 5, 2024 cpnits 15 → cpnits 15 →
Schoolyear 2024-2025 – fulltime only
CPNITS-15 15 P1, P2, P3, P4 Friday of week 8
of previous Period
Patience... Patience...
CPNITS-30 30 S1, S2 Friday of week 8
of previous Period
Patience... Patience...




This minor was really fun. I already had some prior knowledge, but I really didn't need it. It's hard to believe how much you learn in this minor. Programming is not only good to be able to do in almost every branch, but especially problem-solving skills are important. I highly recommend it.





I knew nothing about programming before I signed up for this minor and I had two main concerns: I was afraid I would be uncomfortable there as a marketing major student, and I was afraid that the teacher would not be supportive. However, all my fears and worries were 100% unfounded! Mr Peters was patient, friendly, and welcoming to everyone in the group - he was always there to help us to with any issues or questions. There were students from all sorts of educational backgrounds and it was interesting to see how every one of them is going to apply programming to problems, specific to their fields. I am going to be honest, if you didn't have any previous programming experience at all, like me, it would be a challenging, but very rewarding minor!



Before you call out for help...

Is this minor completely online? It is for 99%. As from schoolyear 2024-2025 we can schedule a test at a central location in the Netherlands.
However... this is not a written course that you can follow whenever convenient. We have lecures and activities – all online – that you must attend.
Is it possible to do this minor abroad? All the information clearly states that this minor has a regular teaching programme, which includes (online) teaching sessions and (online) meetings. These will be on average twice a week. These are not optional: an 80% attendance is required to be assessed at the end. This minor has a study load of 40 hours per week, which means that, as a student, you must also be available for study activities for a considerable amount of time. Where you are on this planet, doesn't matter that much, but the compulsory teaching moments are indeed mandatory.
What programming languages do we use? Python for the 15 EC program. C, Python, SQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the 30 ECS programs.
What is the average study load? About 40 hours per week. This program has a serious work load.
What about Parttime? This program is no longer available for part time students. The fulltime program is too intense for parttime students.
Do I need a special computer? No. Any modern Mac, Windows or Linux computer will do. You do need a proper webcam, microphone and internet connection. We do notice that a Chrome Book is often not sufficient.
What are the total costs of books etc? No extra costs. All material is offered online.
What software do I need? Chrome or Firefox browser. Everything is done in the browser.
What language is used in the lessons? We have Dutch and English groups. In the Dutch group lessons are in Dutch, Also the portfolio can be written in Dutch. All material however is in English.
How many hours in class? We meet twice a week (fulltime program). Sessions can take 1 to 3 hours. However: this is a full time program, so you must be available for education at least these two days per week. Don't underestimate the study load: this is not a picnic.
Are lectures in Dutch or English? All fulltime programs are offered in Dutch and in English. All material is in English.
Can any HBO-student enroll? All students are welcome, except for IT-students.
Enrollment via Progress is not possible anymore. How can I enroll? Send an email to cpnits@nhlstenden.com and we try to squeeze you in.
The minor has already started. Can I still join? Nope. Study load is too heavy to start later than planned.
Kies op Maat is already closed. Can I still enroll? Email Kies op Maat (kiesopmaat@nhlstenden.com), they may be able to help you, but most of the time: closed is closed.
I enrolled for this programm. When can I expect the confirmation? You get the confirmation a few weeks before the new term or semester starts.
Must I register in Studylink for this minor program? That is not necessary, you will be enrolled in progress and you will be notified of that.
Until when can I cancel my enrollment for this minor? Preferably before the first school day of the new term or semester, you can do so by sending an e-mail to cpnits@nhlstenden.com.


Have a question? Please send us an email: cpnits @ nhlstenden.com.