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The minor Creative Programming for Non-IT Students is one of the most popular minors in NL. The minor starts at zero. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

This minor consists of English online video lessons, provided by Harvard University, and all kinds of small exercises and assignments. Those assignments are programming puzzles in the programming languages C and Python and SQL (for databases). Obviously guided by our own teachers.

In addition, individual and group exercises are performed that are aimed at strategically solving problems. The online studio forms an active community in which students, together with teachers, look for the best way to solve the assignments.

You can follow the fulltime program in Dutch or in English. The parttime program is only offered in Dutch.

Many flavours...

Fulltime, 15 ECS, 30 ECS, NL, EN

Program P1 P2 P3 P4 Numerus
NHL Stenden
Kies op Maat
15 ECS No cpnits 15 → cpnits 15 → download
30 ECS No cpnits 30 → cpnits 30 → download

Closed is closed...

Year Semester Period Program Enrollment closes at
2022-2023   P2 cpnits 15 Friday, October 28
2022-2023 S2 P3 cpnits 30, cpnits 15 Friday, January 13
2022-2023   P4 cpnits 15 Friday, March 31
2023-2024 S1 P1 cpnits 30, cpnits 15 Friday, June 30

Harvard Certificate

The program used in this minor is based upon the infamous Harvard CS50x program. You use the same video lectures as Harvard Students and become part of a community of over 10.000 students wordlwide. At the end you can apply for a verified Harvard Certificate.




This minor was really fun. I already had some prior knowledge, but I really didn't need it. It's hard to believe how much you learn in this minor. Programming is not only good to be able to do in almost every branch, but especially problem-solving skills are important. I highly recommend it.





I knew nothing about programming before I signed up for this minor and I had two main concerns: I was afraid I would be uncomfortable there as a marketing major student, and I was afraid that the teacher would not be supportive. However, all my fears and worries were 100% unfounded! Mr Peters was patient, friendly, and welcoming to everyone in the group - he was always there to help us to with any issues or questions. There were students from all sorts of educational backgrounds and it was interesting to see how every one of them is going to apply programming to problems, specific to their fields. I am going to be honest, if you didn't have any previous programming experience at all, like me, it would be a challenging, but very rewarding minor!



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